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Shared Decision Making for Whole Health

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Treatment Planning for Person-Centered Care
Shared Decision Making for Whole Health

Second Edition (November 2013)

By Neal Adams, MD, MPH and Diane M. Grieder, M.Ed

This practical how-to guide for providing integrated person-centered care is written for primary care, addiction, and mental health practitioners.  The authors demonstrate how providers can implement person-centered care designed to encourage the person and family’s participation in setting goals and making treatment decisions in routine practice--both in outpatient as well as inpatient settings--with improved overall health and recovery being the ultimate result.

The completely revised edition guides healthcare providers in how to engage recipients of care in jointly creating and implementing collaborative treatment plans. It contains information relevant to the Affordable Care Act, along with improved documentation examples that can help providers move from principals to practice and illustrate assessments, goals, objectives and interventions across a wide range of client/consumer needs. Suitable as a reference tool and a text for training programs, it provides practical guidance on how to organize and conduct a recovery and wellness plan meeting, prepare and engage individuals in the treatment planning process, help with goal setting, using the plan in daily practice, along with evaluating and improving the results. 


"The 2nd edition...retains the excellent content and voice that has made the first edition an important contribution to clinical service delivery. The new edition…explain(s) the new policy context for person-centered care, particularly addressing changes in thinking about recovery and in practice due to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the introduction of the DSM 5." 

- Howard H Goldman, MD. PhD, Director, Behavioral Health Systems Improvement Collaborative, University of Maryland School of Medicine


"Easy to read book that explains both the "why" and the "how" of patient centered planning.  Adams and Grieder…connect the timeless concepts of shared decision making and patient centered treatment to the future of health care. Parity and the Affordable Care Act makes treatment more accessible, this book helps to ensure treatment is effective." 

- Linda Rosenberg, President and CEO, National Council for Behavioral Health


“This new edition…provides…a blueprint for what person centered care could and should be as we move into the future.  Improved case examples that are referenced throughout the text illustrate the major principles developed in the book and allow readers to translate theory to practice more easily.  …a significant elaboration of the original which makes it well worth reading, even for those who have already enjoyed the first edition.”

- Wesley Sowers, MD, Center for Public Service Psychiatry, Western Psych Institute and Clinic


"…required reading for every healthcare practitioner…offers even more concrete guidance for goal setting, assessment and integrated formulation and makes it possible for every practitioner in this new era of healthcare to gain mastery in the art of person-centered treatment planning. We can finally expect this standard in our own healthcare and point to a book that makes it clear." 

- Chacku Mathai, STAR Center Director, NAMI


“…an essential and timely resource for both future and current practitioners…eloquently present(s) the powerful alternative of person-centered planning which views the co-created service plan as being at the heart of the recovery and transformation process.  Through the use of diverse, case-based examples…provides practical guidance on how to satisfy the sometimes dizzying array of regulatory documentation requirements while also respecting the preferences and priorities of persons served…this text can teach you how to develop a plan which both satisfies the chart, and more importantly, honors the person!”  

- Janis Tondora, PsyD, Assistant Professor, Yale University, Department of Psychiatry, Program for Recovery and Community Health


 "…This book has rich detail on all aspects of treatment planning …practical information about how to develop treatment plans for people with complex issues in a partnership, and to translate those plans into documentation that is meaningful for both clinicians and clients, as well as appropriate for meeting funding documentation requirements…This book should be in the library of every behavioral health organization and made available to anyone writing or reviewing treatment plans." 

- Kenneth Minkoff, MD, Senior System Consultant, ZiaPartners, Inc., San Rafael, CA, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

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first edition

Treatment Planning for Person-Centered Care:
The Road to Mental Health and Addiction Recovery

First Edition

By Neal Adams, MD, MPH and Diane Grieder, M.Ed

Treatment Planning for Person-Centered Care: The Road to Mental Health and Addiction Recovery, by Neal Adams, MD, MPH, and Diane Grieder, M.Ed., is a process-oriented book, guiding therapists in how to engage clients in building collaborative treatment plans that result in better outcomes. Suitable as a reference tool, a training guide for existing staff and as a text for pre-degree training programs, the book addresses the entire process of treatment, from assessment through outcome evaluation. The book is relevant to providers in all settings, with a practical approach and case examples throughout.

Enhance the reader’s understanding of the value and role of treatment planning in responding to the needs of adults, children and families with mental health and substance abuse treatment needs; 

Build the skills necessary to provide quality, person-centered, culturally competent and recovery / resiliency-oriented care in a changing service delivery system; 

Provide readers with sample documents, examples of how to write a plan, etc.; 

Provide a text and educational tool for course work and training as well as a reference for established practitioners; 

Assist mental health and addictive disorders providers / programs in meeting external requirements, improve the quality of services and outcomes, and maintain optimum reimbursement.


"Treatment Planning for Person-Centered Care puts the entire concept of individualized service planning into understandable language for all readers. The authors have captured the essence of active involvement of the persons served in the identification of needs (as well as strengths) and the development of a plan that will address those needs. This book is definitely in concert with and supports the CARF Behavioral Health standards, and would be an excellent resource to better understand how to move towards a person-centered assessment and planning process."

- Nikki Migas, M.P.A., Managing Director, Behavioral Health Customer Service Unit, CARF, the Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission


"This book encourages the field to turn a very important corner. It clarifies the goals and the processes that Mental Health and Alcohol/Drug systems presently need to focus on: joining with clients to help them enter/re-enter their communities and successfully exit the treatment systems. This book will help practitioners develop the necessary conceptual overview as well as individual components of service plans that will significantly enhance our clients’ chances for real world success."

- Ed Diksa, California Institute for Mental Health


"The authors take what for many clinicians is an irritating paperwork requirement - treatment planning that is a diversion from their "real" work of therapy - and turn it into a valuable tool. By placing the person, the client, at the center of planning, Adams and Grieder take the reader step by step through a transforming process. They lead us to re-think whose goals we are trying to achieve in treatment. This book could precipitate many fruitful seminar discussions during clinical training."

- Eric Goplerud, Ph.D., George Washington University Medical Center

Best Practices in Psychiatric Rehabilitation

2nd Edition, 2014

In this 2nd Edition, Diane Grieder has written a chapter on "Person-Centered Planning", co-authored with Janis Tondora, Chacku Mathai and Larry Davidson. Edited by Patricia Nemac and Kathleen Furlong-Norman.

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handbook of community psychiatry

The Handbook of Community Psychiatry has a chapter on Person-Centered Planning authored by Neal and Diane.
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